Projector Setup in Beyond

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    Yesterday I received two Clubmax 3000 projectors with ScannerMax scanners. :D

    I use Beyond 2.x software to control both projectors on two FB3s.

    This is how I plan to configure Beyond for the projector:

    - Set size at 100%, use Ilda 30K test pattern to find the best ´Default Sample Rate´, this will give me the maximum scanrate at maximum size. For example 10.000PPS
    - Set the ´Range of sample rates accessible using Effects ´ to max 40K
    - Create a atmospheric zone which can use the full size.
    - Create a graphical zone which will be smaller in size, for example equal to 8 degrees, and boost the scanrate with a zone effect to 40K to have smooth graphics

    Is this the correct way to setup a projector in Beyond?
    If not, how can I setup this correctly?

    Your help is much appreciated,