Projectors on different locations in city?

Discussion in 'Networking' started by staiper, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I wonder what is best solution to remotely control few laser projectors installed on different locations in city. Laser projectors will be used for projecting advertises (around 10 shows/ads in loop).Each projector will play different show. Due to fact that it will be very unpractical to run around when I have to change or update projected shows it is desirable that I can load/change those looped shows remotely from one location (through broadband interne?).
    If someone can recommend good and cost effective solution please write it down and post here.. I will be very grateful.

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    If the projectors/shows do not need to be synchronized, you should be able to use Remote Desktop in Windows XP (if you are running XP on those computers). This way you can remotely log into each of the computers from a central location, as long as they are all connected to the Internet. If you have a router connected at each location, you will have to set up port forwarding on the router to forward the Remote Desktop port to the computer.

    There are several other remote desktop programs out on the market as well, but why pay money for other software when you already have it with Windows XP.

    The other solution would be to set up your own wireless network in the city, using directional YAGI or Parabolic WiFi antennas, but this option would be a lot of work and money to set up.

    I would also recommend adding a cheap usb web camera at each location so you can see what is being displayed on the screen.

    Good luck!

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    I have seen SMPTE used over telephone lines to synchronize large shows. SMPTE is really not a bad idea for this kind of application, and it would be pretty simple and economical.

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    William Benner
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    Already I have delivered RGB laser projector with FlashBack 3 card (with USB) installed
    within projector.
    With laser projector I got Cypher Lite software. Additionally I have ordered
    Pangolin LD2000Pro software/card .

    Projector will be installed on fixed location to project simple advertising logos/text.

    Is it possible to setup system with noted hardware/software so i can create and upload/change simple shows from remote location (home) through internet (I have DSL internet connection on booth locations ,at home and projector site)..
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    Hi Staiper,

    What you might be able to do is use the Autoplay program to automatically play the shows when needed, and then have the computer logon and FTP download files occasionally from some known web site. There must be some kind of free software on the internet that will do this function...

    That's about the only thing that comes to mind for me. Perhaps some other users will comment.

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    William Benner
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    I'd suggest you connect each computer to the internet via a firewall (to ensure ppl don't hack in)... then just use Microsoft RDP/Terminal Services to remotely administer each computer, and use FTP to upload/download files to each PC.

  7. Pangolin

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    WOW Aijii,

    Thanks for the advice. You sure do know Windows!! But would you mind giving a bit better description, or step by step instructions of how to do this?

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    This can be done trough Windows XP remote dersktop, but it is available only on the XP Pro and it is quite tricky to set up and there is not much support or information about it.

    It may be a good investment to purchase a license for a third-party VNC software that will help you with the set up and offer better support, such as