Properties for some Cues missing Zone allocation

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    Hi QS2 users,

    After spending about a month with QS2 and the included doco and videos I have some usage questions which remains unanswered by means of self help resources so I'll be approaching this forum with some questions and hopefully some of you can enlighten me.
    ; )

    It seems some cues I've built don't allow me to assign the projection zone for the Cue - this is discovered when I open the Cue Properties for such Cues and it is missing the part of the window which allows allocation of a default Projection Zone for the cue.

    What is the cause of this? I assume it is in the means how I built the cue originally ...
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    Did you try it when a cue was filled with an object?

    Only QuickTarget object cannot be edited true the cue properties.
    If it is an QuickTarget object you need to change zone assignment in the QuickTarget Beam Settings.
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  3. smokeAndMirrors

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    Cues that have been constructed from QuickCapture or QuickTimeline cannot directly have their zones changed. However: for a timeline cue, drag it back onto the QuickTimeline tab and you can edit it. Right click on the individual cues in the timeline and you can change the zones there. Then store the edited cue back.

    Note: if the timeline (or capture) cues are using Cue references (which they do by default I think, there will be a little black arrow at the bottom left of the clip in the timeline) then editing the zone of the original clip will also change the result in the compound cue without you having to open up the timeline. Eg suppose you have a timeline cue T that references cue A and cue B; changing the zone of B will also change the zone when B appears when T is playing back. This behaviour changes if you convert timeline cue to local (right-click, "convert to local") - the timeline gets its own copy of the cue which can be independently edited.