ProTracks Preselection with Pangoscript

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    I'm building a AKAI MKII-Template for use with Protracks.
    At the moment I have to select Protracks Mode (next to Flash solo) and Protracks in the FX-Section manually.
    Is there a Pangoscript command for doing this in the init-script for the template?

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    (btw. I also haven't found a way to toggle enabla/disalbe an effect for a Protracks-Deck. - At the moment I have to use the Intensity-Variable)
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    ClickTrack // optional argument: 1 or 2 (Grid number)// Mode: ProTrack
    ClickFXTabMode 1 // 1-Master, 2-Cue, 3-Zone, 4-ProTrack
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    Thank you.