ProTrackX.FXxMute --> not valid

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  1. noonoo

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    I want to read and write the FX-Mutes from the ProTrackDecks. - But I ca't use the needed objects.
    In the Object-tree the FX-Mutes are 'N' objects. - Shouldn't they be Binaries?

    Just want to control the active/inactive Buttons from the ProTrack FX-Section.

    Any Ideas.
    (See Screenshot)

    (V3.0 Build. 946)


    with kind regards
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    display popup is really for showing a popup.

    why not

    StopProTrackFX 1, 1
  3. noonoo

    noonoo Active Member

    Hey Bob,

    thanks for your answer. - I still want to hold the effect in the ProTrack-Bank and just enable/disable it.
    I want to get access to the state and control it, because I want to show and control the State via midi. - So StopProTrackFX doesn't work for me. -
    Would be nice if e.g. ProTrack1.FX1Mute = TRUE/FALSE would work - at the moment it doens't.

    Kind regards