PUG meeting 2008?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Laseronics, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Laseronics

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    any info about a possable PUG meeting in 2008?
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Kyle,

    You raise a great question.

    We will do something associated with LaserFreak the evening of March 15, which is the last day of the Franfurt Prolight & Sound show.

    Aside from that, we are looking at doing something else in Amsterdam again, although the details have not yet been settled.

    And last but not least, we have setup an office in China this year, and I will be traveling to various clients in China. This kind of one-on-one meeting will be in leiu of a Pangolin User Meeting in China.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Jem

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    Hi Bill

    Do you have anything in pipeline with regards to a visit to th UK (he asks hopefully) ?

    If not a visit to the Amsterdam meet would not be out of the question for myself and perhaps a few others from the UK (that's assuming that we'd be allowed to attend ;))


  4. Pangolin

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    HI guys,

    It will definitely be Amsterdam (or there abouts) and definitely later this year. But those are the only definite things. I don't know when it will be happening yet.

  5. Jem

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    Thanks Bill

    Don't leave it too late to let the Pangolin users in the UK know when it is. We need to book well in advance to get those special deals on the air fare ;)


  6. buffo

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    Well, it's not exactly a Pangolin User's Group meeting, but we will be holding our second annual South Eastern Laser Enthusiast's Meeting (SELEM) on August 16th and 17th of this year in Newton, North Carolina. A majority of the people attending will be Pangolin owners, but you may see a few other software packages in use as well. (It's interesting though... Each time we hold one of these events, more and more members sell their old software and upgrade to Pangolin!)

    Most of the attendees will be hobbyists, though a few of them will be professional laserists that are out doing shows for a living. Nevertheless, SELEM is a *very* social event; we all chip in and pay to rent out a 500 seat auditorium for the weekend - then we set up our projectors and geek out for 2 full days! No one else in the place but us! We'll mostly have lower power RGB DPSS rigs in attendance, though this year we may have a few larger ion lasers as well. We normally do both beams and graphics shows - pretty much whatever people are into.

    We'll have door prizes, a few guest presentations on common topics (scanner tuning, safety, etc), and lots of laser shows to watch. We're hoping that Bill and Hayden will be able to attend again this year. (Last year they were there for the entire event, and we had a blast.)

    I realise that it's a long trip from Washington state, but if you're looking for a laser vacation, this event will certainly fit the bill. If you're curious, you can read up on the details of past events over at PhotonLexicon.com.