PUG meeting in San Antonio dates and times?

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    PUG meeting in San Antonio dates and times?
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    Nov 6th according to this...

    Group (PUG) Meeting at this event on the afternoon of November 6, 2012. We will be showcasing some new developments in Pangolin software, which we have keep very quiet up until now. If you are interested in attending, please register by sending us an email to (contact@pangolin.com) with the subject line PUG 2012.

    What I would like to know is the time- and where this will be held- ALSO must I be a ILDA member to attend the PUG 2012 meeting?
    Must I also be an attendee of the ILDA meeting to attend-- TY Len:D

    EDIT-- YES no PUG if you are not an ILDA member/ attendee but Justin offered to meet with any who want but it will need to be seperate from the ILDA PUG.
    Thanks for that Justin--

    Any who can be in San Antonio needs to contact Justin- I am not sure I can afford the trip myself but really want to.
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    wow Justin to the rescue

    UPDATE on PUG 2012

    Justin Perry has arranged for anyone to attend this Pangolin meeting Nov 6th in the afternoon- location to be announced and you still need to contact Justin to get on the list and more details..
    It is not necessary to be an ILDA member to go to this meeting/presentation.
    Could be well worth attending even if you are just interested in using Pangolin Lasershow software and are not yet an owner.

    THANKS JP!!! ;)-@:D