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Discussion in 'Networking' started by Lemlight, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Lemlight

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    Hi Bill,

    Can you give us some information about the QMNet that i've heard of? :confused:
    How does it work, and when does it hit the market? ;)


  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the contact. You are referring to the QM2000.NET. This is nominally our regular QM2000 that is placed into a 19-inch rack mount box, with a power supply and special network adapter board that we make. It was made mainly for theme parks and cruise ships -- basically medium to large scale installations which would be inconvenient to put a PC at each projector location, and inconvenient to use long analog cables. With the QM2000.NET, you just connect regular 10/100 network cable between a PC and up to 30 QM2000.NET boxes. Note that although we envision it being used in rather large installations, it is possible to use it as an alternative to a docking station, whereby you have a laptop connected to the QM2000.NET with a cross-over cable and no additional hardware.

    The end-user cost for the QM2000.NET is $800 plus the cost of a normal LD2000 system. So for example, if you want to order an LD2000 Intro with a QM2000.NET, the end-user cost is $1995 plus $800 = $2795.

    The QM2000.NET has existed in one form or another for the last few years, but it has been only recently that we have fine-tuned the software and improved the hardware. Because of this, we have not really publicized it up until now. The latest version of the software and hardware are now twice as fast as previous versions, and also includes a future possibility of connecting to a PC via USB 2.0.

    At some point soon we will have a web page dedicated to the QM2000.NET with pictures and other descriptive wording. Just keep watching the "What's new at Pangolin" page on the Pangolin web site.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Mike

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    I already have a Basic version card - will I be able to just spend the $800 to turn it into a QM2000.NET box?

  4. imported_Hugo

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    Hi Mike,

    Yes you will!
    It`s a 19" 1 HE rack were you can pop in your qmboard, maybe you have to send your board in for a
    firmware upgrade.
    Say goodbye to your magma!

    BTW you can see it in action on the PUG meeting on the 11th and 12th of October in Amsterdam. :cool:
  5. Pangolin

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    Hi All,

    I just created a web page which explains the QM2000.NET and shows a few pictures. You can find it here:

    This web page is not very elaborate right now, but it will be expanded as we find the time.

    If you are interested, you can see pictures from a large Rave party in The Netherlands, where Hugo Bunk used 13 separate QM2000.NET embedded inside his projectors. You can see the pictures here:

    Best regards,

    William Benner
    Pangolin Laser Systems
  6. RacerX

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    The Awakening's show looked incredible. Great job!

    Have you tried QM Net with wireless adapters? If so, how does it work in a show environment?

    Also, what were the specs for the projectors in the Awakening's show?


  7. imported_Hugo

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    Hi Greg and thanks,
    I really don`t like wireless solutions for network at the moment, I have tested many adapters and antennas etc. One time I had a setup in a stadium with 4 qm`s over wifi with directional yagi antennas and 3watts of rf power, during the 2 days of programming everything was ok everywhere 100% signal.Just before the show everything was fine also then then about 35.000 people came in with there gsm,pocket pc`s with wifi etc etc. The signal was still 100% both when a started with the (live) show evrything was slow as hell and jumpy. So to much interference but I must say that the Belkin pre-N is doing a much better job bot with MIMO technology it is difficult to modify for external antennas and keep the right impandance. I decided to let it rest for a while and see how future wifi develops. I still use sometime wifi for 1 or 2 qm setups.I will test it soon with qmnet didn`t found the time yet.
    We used 10x 532nm 2 watt dpss lasers, 2x 5watt RGB dpsslasers, 1 jenoptik rgb and 3 5dpss 532nm in a moving head for this show all with qmnet in each projector! it was setup in an afternoon! with 3 people. :cool: