qm2000 and cold temperatures

Discussion in 'Networking' started by michelrietveld, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. michelrietveld

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    Last weekend my three projector show was saved by a spare fb3 and a spare projector since my qm was not responding and one of my sattelites green did not output at all.
    Now back after the weekend all seems to work fine, could this be temperature related?
    I was performing at the closing at the ice skating track inside and it was realy cold.

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I must admit I have never heard of anything like this. It has never happened to me, although we are in Florida... :cool:

    I am guessing this was in BEYOND, yes?

    Did the QM show up in the software?

    Was this the only QM or were you using other QMs at the same time?

    If something similar happens again, and if possible, please try to check everything, connections and all to get as much information as possible for to try and diagnose the issue.
  3. michelrietveld

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    Hi Aaron, my setup was 1 x qm2000 and 2 x fb3.
    i set my notebook to static ip since i was using a direct utp cable, as used before. The qm did not show up so i fired up the network config tool and got firewall message about unkown network for which i allowed all traffic.
    then i retried several times to connect to the qm. tried different utp cable, power cycle several times and finally i replaced it with a spare fb3.
    now, back at home, i have no problems with this setup, replicated the situation and all works fine. I also had problems with the projector connected to the qm and afterward to the fb3 since green was not outputting the same level as when i started so i had to replace the projector also with a spare and was able to perform as expected. The projector works fine at home and the only difference is the temperature. I checked ilda cables etc... so don't have a clue what went wrong just happy to had a spare set at hand.
    next thing i want to try is to put the gear outside when it gets colder just to be sure.
    i did get several hw related error messages the week before, have screencopies available and lost connection to the qm what motivated me to bring a spare set ;-) proactive right !

    i will send you a copy of the attachments which i also send to Bill and he advised to use a tcp packet sniffer but until now i have not been able to recreate the faulty situation (luckily).
  4. masterpj

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    Could have been intense moisture in the air causing some issues for you.
    I recommend cleaning the gold pins on your QM inside of the .net enclosure.
  5. Ray

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    A trick we use in electronics servicing when chasing an intermittent fault is to stick it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.
    If you have a temperature related issue this may bring it on.
    Temperature failures at an electronic level are quite common.
    Hair cracks on SMT chip components and other faults can lead to failures that respond to temperature changes.
    Likewise you can use a hair dryer to warm it up and thus cycle the possible issue.
    Just be cautious about humidity as you dont want to make it wet.. If moisture appears just wait until its nice and dry before powering up.
    Cheers -@