QM2000 and DMX Output - Beyond 3.0

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    I´m trying to control a Gobo-Grating Wheel of a Laser system via DMX with Beyond 3.0 with a QM2000 hardware.

    The configuration looks ok, i have the small DMX monitor window working, but in the DMX/Arnet monitor there are not any dmx value working, and of course the gobo wheel is not working as well.

    I don´t have so much experience with DMX and Beyond, i was reading the help but i cannot make it working.

    Someone can point me on the right direction ?

    As well i want to ask how i can include a DMX values to work inside Timeline, actually i´m testing with Quick DMX tab.

    Here a screen capture, many thanks.

  2. Stingray

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    until now, the DMX-Output of the QM2000 is not supported in Beyond.

    In timeline, as I know by heart, you can insert a new event (right mouse click) and select "DMX".

  3. class4studio

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    Many thanks for the quick reply :)

    I really don´t understand why the QM2000 option is available to choose, and everything seems fine.

    I think it's not a good idea to leave options that are not available.
  4. ENOT

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention. QM2000 has limited bandwidth and when DMX messages it become visible on laser output. Because of this, we changed our mind several times, and there are builds of BEYOND where QM DMX enabled, and where it disabled. In the most recent builds (9xx) it is half disabled or enabled, what no doubt is oversight. I made correction in code, and in coming days we will update a setup of BEYOND. DMX IN/OUT of QM2000 should work from build 970 and up. Right now (May 29, 2017), build number is 967. So, please wait a little and ensure that you will get build 970 or higher. If you need new build urgently, then you can contact me directly.

    Sorry for inconvenience.

    Best Regards,
  5. Guenther

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    Hello Alexey,

    I have the same problem.
    My system consists of 3 LD2000 cards (08911, 10484, 09583) and 1 FB4 controller.
    I have installed the current Beyond Software (build 967) and LD2000 (rc22).
    With Beyond, none of the three cards will work with the DMX output.
    The output via the LD2000 software and QMX24 functions.

    We have a great show in 2 weeks!
    It is urgent!

  6. class4studio

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    Great, thanks :)