QM2000/ILDA connector to CT Drivers

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by LaserDance, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Hi Laserists.

    I have my first scan set on it's way via fedex...CT6215 XY pair w/Drivers and Power Supplies. I am looking at getting Pangolin next. I'm sure I will have many questions, but the first is about cabling. I have done a bit of web searching with no "clear enough" results.

    I have seen the pinouts for ILDA compatible connectors, like what the
    QM2000 will support, but am not clear how these get to my Scanner Drivers. I assume I have to make a cable myself...I assume Cambridge will include some documentation, and I have yet to see the connector(s) on the drivers.

    Any tips on this first of a bottomless pit of of questions?
    Thanks, Mark
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    Hello Mark,

    my name is Ralf and I
  3. LaserDance

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    Hi Ralf,

    I answered your questions below, but here is some of what I did.

    I called the Tech Support prior to purchase, and asked about the model to confirm they were indeed CT6215s. He wasn't very familiar and asked somebody else (who I didn't get to talk to) and they said they were...but they're 6210s. That's what came...

    6210 XY set in mount, with all cables for Driver board. I got the optional breakout board which basically taps into the driver board and provides test points for an Oscilloscope. I got the wrong power supply, as I thought I was getting two seperate driver boards so ordered two PS, but only need one...it is the 28V one. I need to call back and see if I'm better off with the $135 differential Power Supply...and maybe exchange (or keep them, they seem pretty nice) and get the other PS. They came with cables too.

    I also got (with the scanner set) a connector for the ILDA cable, but I have to assemble and provide sheilded cable for this connection. It came with two CDs also, manuals on the driver and scanner. You are right, there is extensive documentation on this set. I'm a little unclear about the pinouts from the manual, but I'm pretty sure I will figure it out all right.

    Since I do not yet have any controller board/SW, I can't discuss anything further, but plan to buy Pangolin Basic next week and will get the QM2000, probably with the .net version.

    The West Coast USA Cambridge Rep (she is very nice) actually lives just down the road from me here in California, but they have a 16 week lead time and I didn't feel like waiting until after April to get my scanners. CT Direct is much cheaper...by almost $1000, but it is better to order several, far in advance from them...as they have a huge backlog on production.

    I don't have a laser yet either, but they seem pretty plentiful and quick to get. I probably won't be lasing/scanning for another week or two, but I appreciate you writing to me. I think your english is excellent.

  4. aricha

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    you will find all the informayion you need on pangolin web site and in the LD Help file
    Signal name
    Cambridge P2 pin

    5 on X driver

    5 on Y driver

    6 on X driver

    6 on Y driver

    Connect to shutter on your projector



    good luck