QM2000.NET connection problem !

Discussion in 'Networking' started by petraru, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. petraru

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    I have a QM2000.NET board connected via CAT-5. It works win my older notebook, no problem. But on my new notebook there is no connectivity, the 3 green LED-s are off. If I plug and unplug the CAT-5 cable teh 3 LED-s remain OFF . Both notebook have windows XP pro, and same setting at Local Area Connection. Anyone have this problem or know something about it?
  2. petraru

    petraru New Member

    note that when I connect the QM2000.NET with my new notebook via lan switch it work perfectly.
  3. Marti

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    solution is : cros cable !%)
  4. lasero2000

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    hi petraru,

    could need a crosscable.

    if not; when you say 'and same setting at Local Area Connection', i hope each computer does not have the same IP address in the TCP settings? each computer must have a unique address on the subnet.

    otherwise try disabling all firewall and antivirus software, then run the xp network connection wizard.

    hope this helps....

  5. aly

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    If you are connecting QM-net directly to the notebook (without a router or switch) make sure that:
    - you have cross-over cable
    - netork "card" inside laptop does not attempt to connect with 1Gbit rate -> manually set to 100Mbit
    - you have manually set IP addres and subnet. First three numbers must be equal on the QMnet and on the laptop and Subnet must look like ""

    Hope this helps.