QM2000.Net disconnection

Discussion in 'Networking' started by rivers, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. rivers

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    I have just installed and connected QM2000.net via LAN cable on my XP pc. The board is identified but every time I try to run Showtime I get an error saying "ST2000 must now exit because the network connection that supports the master QM2000 has disconnected".
    How do I fix this?
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  2. Cyberb0b

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    have you tried another network cable?
  3. snowmasterasia

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    problem connnect from my laptop to QM2000.net

    Dear all!
    I can not set up a connection between my laptop and Qm 2000.net. I use my computer win7 ultimate 64bit when I set up a connection between 2 devices implement it the following error:
    Although I did remove LD 2000 Designer software and have installed but still can not connect.
    Network Settings IP:
    Qm2000.net IP:
    help me! pls

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  4. aricha

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    maybe a hardware problem. take the card out of the box ad clean gold fingers of the QM card and the memory card that is on the QM card

    fire wall?
    anti virus?
  5. Aaron@Pangolin

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    For QM.NET connectivity issues I always check several things:

    1.) IP address (looks like you have checked this) also open a command prompt and make sure you can ping the .NET box IP from your computer.

    2.) Try another Ethernet cable.

    3.) Try another computer.

    4.) I test the power supply at this point but you may not want to open the .NET box to test the power supply.
  6. Requin

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    i had the same problem when my first .net arrived and it ended up being the RAM card that came lose in the shipment

    Hope it helps
  7. bosik

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    QM2000.net not connect

    Hello all.
    I have a problem after 10-15 minutes my QM2000.NET
    close and not connect to my pc, I think the problem is that it gets hot.
    I took the cover off and then it worked for about an hour without any problems.
    my question is when will it be good that I'd add a small fan on top of my board that he drove the hot air out of the box.
    whether correctly.
    thanks Alex
  8. Pascal CHEMIN

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    Same problem of many disconnections

    Hi !

    I've got the same problem, when i work on LivePro or ShowTime or Quickshow, The QM2000.net board always disconnect from the computer after several minutes or secondes.
    I've tried another computer, another Ethernet cable, I checked the IP Adress and it's always the same thing.
    Thanks for your help.
  9. Astatic

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    Try to do the following.

    First open up a dos command box (Start - run - command or cmd followed by enter), give the following command:
    ping "ip address of the qm.net without the quotes" -t
    This will send every second a package to the qm.net which should respond to it.
    Let it ping for about 10 minutes or more before starting the software.
    You want to know if this happens only whith the qm.net or only when you start the software.
    Now start working with the software and wait until the message appears.
    As soon as it shows up, switch to the command box and check if it really lost it's connection.
    If so, try to disconnect the cable and plug it back in to see if the link will come back?
    (To stop the ping: ctrl + c)

    Is your qm.net connected by a direct cable or trough a hub/switch?
    Try it without the hub/switch
    Try to update the latest drivers of the network interface in your pc's.
    Try to set the speed of the pc's network interface to 100MB full duplex, this seems to give more problems lately with older netwerk interface cards wich only support 10/100mb line speeds.

    When this isn't solving the problem, you might could switch the qm.net with someone and see if this solves your problem, if so your fine and your friend has taking over your problem :D
    Or take it back and give pangolin a e-mail.
  10. How do I know what IP has my .net box? trying to connect but without result
  11. aricha

    aricha Well-Known Member

    at the back of the box you have IP Adress and searial no.

    you must give your computer IP Adress
  12. Pangolin

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    The best IP address to use is

    If you use as suggested above, this might interfere with a QM2000 whose serial number ends with "00" (for example 3400, 3500, 11000, etc. )

    If you have trouble and need immediate assistance, it is best to call our office at +1-407-299-2088.

    Some problems are best and easiest to deal with on the phone rather than via forum posts...

    Best regards,

    William Benner