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Discussion in 'Networking' started by Expo86, Aug 22, 2009.

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    I just downloaded and installed LD2000 (ver5 )....updating from ver 4.5, my question is are the networking drivers included in the download package or do i need to download the seperate Vista drivers package? I downloaded the driver package for Vista and unzipped them, but then I thought maybe they are already included. If I do need to install them, where do I put them and are they self-installing?

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    My LD5 upgrade asked me if i wanted to replace te driver.
    So i thingk that they have included the driver in the last 5.02 release
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    QM2000 Drivers

    Oh ok, thank's..............I kinda thought so too.

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    Note that there is absolutely no "net driver" for the QM2000. When you use a QM2000.NET, you do not need a driver, because the QM2000 is a simple network appliance.

    You only need a driver if you are using the QM2000 on a PCI bus.

    In any case, anybody can download the latest software, including QM2000 drivers (when and where applicable) from our downloads page here:

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    William Benner