QM2000.NET working in LD2000 but not in Beyond

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  1. Stingray

    Stingray Beta Tester

    I installed LD2000 and Beyond on a Laptop (Windows 8.1) and it works fine with QM2000.NET.
    Now I also installed it on my main PC (Windows 7) for testing purposes (I don´t wanna run the beta of Beyond on my main laser laptop) and after some problems the QM2000.NET now works with LD2000 (after using the LD2000.dll of the network folder and running LD2000 in Windows XP compatibility mode).
    But Beyond don´t recognize the QM2000.NET, at starting procedure it says "QM2000 Controller could not be initialized".
    Inside Beyond in the settings of the laser controller hardware I can press "actualize list an reset controller" as often as I want but it don´t recognize the QM2000.
    QM2000 controller is activated in the configuration.
    What else can I test?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    This sounds like a situation where I might need to remote into your computer to take a look around. :cool: The error you state is one I have never seen before.

    You may be able to delete the "Men in Black" LD2000.ini file in the Virtual Store folder but since I am not familiar with the error, this is just something to try.
  3. Stingray

    Stingray Beta Tester

    Hi Aaron, thank you for the fast and very good tip!

    Yes, now it runs perfect, but it is something curious anyway.

    What was the fact?
    Indeed, there was a second LD2000.ini in the virtual Store folder, not complete like the original LD2000.ini in the windows-Folder, but only with some lines and the wrong IP-adress of the QM2000.NET (it seems that it was created by the LD2000_Network.exe that I tried yesterday while searching for any hints to the error.
    I deleted this file and after this Beyons starts (and Windows made a copy of the complete LD2000.ini file as you said).

    But now the curious thing (stupid Windows...???):
    When only Beyond is starting, everything is fine.
    But when I´m starting Beyond while LD2000 Showtime is running (what makes no problems on my two other Laptops), Beyond opens the "Assign Scanner Numbers To QM2000 Boards"-Window, where I have to press "Attempt To Reconnect" and then "Save and Continue". Then Beyond runs perfect. But the date of the LD2000.ini in the Windows folder stays as it is and the date of the LD2000.ini file in the virtual Store folder alters with starting Beyond. When I close LD2000 Showtime the date of the LD2000.ini in the Windows folder has been actualized.
    It seems that LD2000 Showtime blocks the LD2000.ini file in the Windows folder and so, Beyond can not acces this file in the correct way and so I have to reconnect the scanner numbers.
    But when I did this, both programs runs side by side and I can output frames to the LD2000.NET from both programs.

    As I said, when LD2000 Showtime isn´t running, Beyond has access to both ini-files and at the next start the "Reconnect"-window doesn´t appear.

    Curious... :eek::mad:%)

    But it works and I´m happy. :)

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