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  1. I just bought a Laptop Friendly QM2000.NET and installed my files on a Windows Vista Laptop.
    It says in the QM2000.NET installation guide, that i have to give a specific TCP/IP addtess. to the connection for the qm20000.net since it has it own static IP.
    Once i do this, my laptop does not access the wireless internet in our office and can not see other computers in my network. I gave the wireless conection a second ip adress with 1.2 in the end, but then the laptop does not see the qm2000.net board. I can only either see the qm2000 or my wireless office network. Any hints how to solve this?
    Kind regards
    Yousri / Laseronics
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    Hi Yousri,

    We will soon be releasing a special configuration utility which will allow you to set the IP address of the QM2000.NET box. A few other settings will also be possible.

    I believe that with this new configuration utility, and some smart IT person in your office, you will be able to accomplish what you need to.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Hi Yousri,

    The issue here is the subnetmask that may be off.
    Try using the subnetmask
    Or if needbe in your network setup.

    Other possibility:

    If you use the QM.NET module direct to a LAn port on your laptop, you will need a cross cable.
    Connections between network items of the same kind ( i.e. pc to pc or pc to printer etc ) always need a crosscable. Most PC shops have them.

    Good luck !

    Peter Broerse