qm2000 with galvo trouble

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    I have some troubles with my hardware(QM2000 PCI).
    if you see at the attachment,the right top corner and the left low corner is not function right.I have tried another projector and ilda cable but with the same result.I think i have some broken components.
    Can someone give some advice?


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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Just to clarify, the test pattern looks OK when at 25kpps at 20% projector settings scan size? From the pictures you supplied, the pattern looks OK (to me) at 20% @ 25kpps, so I suspect there is nothing wrong with the QM2000 output.

    Can you confirm if you have changed any projection zone geometric correction settings?

    If no changes have been made to your geometric correction settings, trying to run your laser projector with the projector size settings over say 30% you may run into issues like this even with high end scanners. My projector has a set of CT 6215 scanners and I only run my projector size settings at 30 to 35% (which gives me a 20 to 20 degree scan angle).

    I suggest you review our scan angles web page, http://www.pangolin.com/userhelp/scanangles.htm, to verify what projector setting size values will give you an 8 degree scan angle (ILDA standard is 30kpps at 8 degrees) and then see how the test pattern looks. If you are still seeing the same issue then something else maybe going on but if you are trying to run a scan angle higher than 8 degrees you may want to check the specs of your scanners. If you run some scanners at too high an angle or too fast, the amps can start to have a problem, usually heat related, that can cause what you are seeing.
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    Also with the test pattern from Ilda I can't get the blue circle ,in the middle ,round.En that even at 12kpps @ 20% size.
    I have been using this software for a few years, so I know that something is not ok.


    When starting the software, I start with ilda test frame.
    I have a corect picture. I enlarged it and diagonal flips the image as the picture.
    the frame stays folded back when I reduce the image.

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  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    There definately seems to be an issue; we just need to isolate it.

    Our suspects will be the projector (scanners, amps, or wiring), the ILDA cable, or the QM2000 (maybe the computer itself...). If you have swapped out both the ILDA cable and tried on another projector I would do one more test with another computer before determining the QM2000 needs to be reviewed by our service center.

    Directions for sending hardware to our service can be found on our website here: http://www.pangolin.com/userhelp/return_shipping.php