QS and laser communication problem

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    So I just inherited two lasers and Quickshow for a club I work at. When the laser is on stand alone, no dmx, it shows full images but when I plug it in to QS all I'm getting is what looks like a single line or it could be the image squeezed all the way to its y-axis and all the settings are normal.

    Both the laser and the software seem to work just fine independently of one another, which makes me wonder 1) if there is some sub menu with a incorrect button pressed (I have gone into all the settings menus while troubleshooting) 2) if there is a hardware issue

    Thank you in advance for any help!
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    Based on your description it could be a few things.

    The easiest to isolate will be an issue with the ILDA cable going from the QuickShow hardware (Flashback 3) to your projector. Check the pins on both the back of your projector and the cable to see if one of them is bent or missing.

    If the ILDA cable is good and the pins on the projector then I would suspect a possible wiring issue with the projector, most likly between the ILDA connector and the board that switches between ILDA, DMX, or stand alone control, or from that board to your scanner amps. Other issues that may be projector related would be a blown scanner amp, or scanner.

    Lastly the FB3 could have an issue. You state you have two lasers; is this only impacting one laser? How are you running both lasers from the one FB3? (ILDA splitter or y cable?) I would try each laser connected directly to the FB3 by itself and see if the problem "moves" (after you check the cable and pins).
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    Thank you!

    It was absolutely the pins. I should have known, if it were a traditional lighting fixture that would have been the third thing I checked.

    I've hung the other laser in the rig and it's a tad difficult to get to so I have been testing the software on the other one because it has some small repair issues and I've had it in the booth with me. I'll be in the rig today hanging the suspect laser and will find out about the second one. I'm sure it's fine and because of your post I have a great basis of troubleshooting.

    Thank you for your help!

    Now only if I can get someone to respond as proficiently to my question about a misbehaving Hog 500 in the High End forum!