QS Creating a flag flapping or swaying in the breeze

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    Hi I'm new to quickshow (and this forum) so... don't flame me too soon please!;)

    I have been struggling a bit to find a wealth of resources on manipulating QS generally (after avidly looking at the tutorials) I haven't found a great deal to help me with some of the more advanced features so if anyone can point me in the direction of further resources I will be grateful.

    Specifically I have successfully uploaded an image of a club flag I now wish to animate as though waving in the breeze.

    Do I need to create a series of frames in some third party software such as photoshop (see this link http://www.nomadthepirate.com/tutorial/) then upload a series of individual frames saved as vector graphics/lineart creating the animation from there (seems a bit daunting) or is there a means of doing this in QS?

    I have looked at as much of the graphic manipulation tools as I can see/understand and I can't see an easy method... All help appreciated as I seem to be on a steep learning curve :)
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    This is something you would need to hand animate in some application (you could do it in QuickShow by tracing/drawing each frame individually). Also, if you have an array of pictures of the flag blowing in a breeze, you can take each frame in the array and try quick trace to save out individual frames that you could bring in one by one to the frame editor to make an animation.
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    Thanks Aaron - so something akin to what is shown in the link then quicktrace the individual frames as you described.

    Can you suggest any "animation" software that lends itself particularly well to creating frames which are suitable to subsequent "tracing"? (I appreciate it may not be ethical for you to appear to endorse any particular product but can you indicate a selection or perhaps direct me to somewhere where this has been debated?)

    Thanks -
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    You could use the quick FX "Dance" Effect, it adds the swaying you're looking for to the image.

    Good luck!
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