QS FB3 over cat5 using USB/cat5 adaptor

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    Hi Everyone

    We have clients that have good luck with the following device, we have tested and verified this and this one works.

    Pangolin has tested over 50 different kinds of USB extenders (no kidding), and none of them fully worked with Flashback3 series controllers, except for one.

    Note that this is not USB over IP, as some other solutions.

    The local and remote devices are connected by standard CAT5 or CAT6 cables, but there should be no ethernet switch in between. They use their own proprietary protocol, so you need to use it peer to peer. The remote device supports maximum 4 devices, and the the original adapter is strong enough to power 4 Flashbacks.

    There are 3 similar devices from this company (single, dual and quad port versions), and they should all work equally well, but we only tested the quad port version.

    Startech USB2004EXT2

    The cheaper devices from this company do not work!

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    I guess depending on your usage, personal or business, that's a lot of money for a USB extender. I currently have my laser 50ft away from my FB3 controller via a long ILDA DB25 cable. It works really well and is about 1/10 of the cost. Just another option for you.
  4. Pangolin

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    Yes, true Phil. Long ILDA cables have been the staple of our industry for a long time.

    The benefit of this USB extender is that you can put up to four separate FB3 on the far end, remotely located from the computer.

    Often times you have the computer in one place, and all projectors in another place, so this USB extender is pretty convenient for that.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Thanks vIQleS for posting this question, and thanks to Bob from Pangolin for posting an answer. I had this same question !!! 8))"
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    2 beyond systems

    I use 2 Beyond APC40 controllers side by side with 2 FB3 on each. I like the on the fly capabilities of having 2 APC40s, plus 4 hands on 2 controllers is much more fun than 2 hands on one controller.

    Does this mean I have to buy 2 of these CAT5/USB addapters or can one unit take 2 inputs?
  7. Pangolin

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    Each of these units has four separate USB ports. The ports can go in any direction, and so you can connect two APC-40 (let's say going to a remotely-located computer) and two FB3 (let's say coming from the remotely-located computer) and that should work fine.

    In such a case, I don't know why the computer would be located remotely in the first place, but it could be that I simply don't understand the scenario. If this is the case, then please post a picture so we can have a clearer understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  8. doublem

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    Is this really working?
    I´ve tried everything and with 4pc of FB3 too Beyond its a lot of Ilda cabels to foh.
  9. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Yes, I have tested 4 FB3s using a 300 FT roll of Cat 5e.
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    Sounds great!
    Does it use the usb port or shows up in the computer as an network device?
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    It is USB, nothing netowrk related.
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    Ok, why i ask is that when i tested a lot of these devices ( and i also have tested a LOT ) it often turns up as an network device and it ends up with IP conflict and crashes windows.
    Some of the extender i tried doesnt work at all or just 10-20m maximum.

    So this is really interesting if it works.
    I also tried network usb server, but same problem...ip conflict and crash.

    What about the roumour of fb3 network device, soon to come i hope -@

  13. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I must admit I have never seen this or any other USB unit come up as a network device. You may want to look at your netowrk settings to see if you can disable this type of response to USB devices.
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    Hi, I have tried with a USB Server, Every other usb product works, but not the FB3, My entec dongle works perfectly, Phoenix Pro controller and even the Phoenix licence dongle work like it is connected to the pc even when someone is streaming movies on the internet, but you connect FB3 and the open QS, you get an instant blue screen of death. I have tried this on 5 different pc's with 3 different operating systems and the same thing happens every time. It also happens with Live quick and Amazer.

    Any help would be great, I need to run this over IP as some of the venues I work I am not able to run any cable to FOH and have to do it with wireless.

  16. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Sounds like you are going into a really big effort. If it's price you're worried about, these can be picked up on Ebay for under $200. Also look out for the same product under a different name, I cannot recall but a couple of google searches will get you the answer.