QS not sending graphics to laser

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by djpaul, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. djpaul

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    Hi All

    I purchased QuickShow lastweek
    My local store had to order it in for me and after a few days told me it was in stock
    There was a mix up when i went to collect it as it hadn't arrived ,so they lent me their shop software and FB3 and Ilda cable
    I installed it and it all worked perfect with my laser

    A few days later my software had arrived so i picked it up , uninstalled their software and re installed mine
    Now its not sending the graphice to the laser

    I have noticed in the Projector settings i have 1 called ( demo ) and a second one is linked to my FB3 serial code.

    I have also downloaded the latest version of the software ver 2.5

    Any help would be great as it has cost me a fair bit and i need it working for valentines day
  2. djpaul

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    Forgot to mension
    The Ilda test pattern does output to my laser its just graphics that dont

  3. djpaul

    djpaul Member

    Hi Aaron

    Yes i sorted the problem for some reason my settings had changed and my FB3 wasn't set with the correct projector zone
    All sorted after a bit of tamerping about


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