Qs sdk?

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  1. digiassn

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    Is there an SDK for QS or the FB hardware that is similar to the SDK for the QM2000?

  2. Pangolin

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    There is no direct SDK for the FB3. However, in our BEYOND software there is an SDK that allows a kind of indirect access to any connected hardware. In fact this is much better than a direct SDK for the hardware because one of the big problems with such an approach is the need to "serialize access" to the hardware. My point is -- if two pieces of software try to output imagery at the same time, what happens? Usually a big mess...

    With our new approach, client software "talks through" BEYOND, which can also overlay additional effects on top of the original imagery. Plus, if BEYOND and the external client hardware tries to send imagery to the hardware at the same time, it simply works (like two tracks running).

    Please contact us directly for more information about this.

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    William Benner