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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by DJ MATTY, Aug 13, 2014.


    DJ MATTY Member

    I'm trying to install Quick Show on Windows 7. I make it to the point of actually installing and right away this error comes up.
    "the file \\psf\quickshow.exe could not be opened"
    Please help, I need to get this working. Thank you
  2. MeaningOfLights

    MeaningOfLights Active Member

    Looks like you are installing to a drive on the network, try creating a Mapped Drive to \\psf (eg L: -> \\psf\) and if that fails try installing QS to the same drive the OS is installed.

    My 2 cents..
  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Yes that's a strange one... Installing from a real disk drive should solve the problem.
  4. MeaningOfLights

    MeaningOfLights Active Member

    Sounds like you have it sorted now, if not and you want to troubleshoot it download a tool called ProcessMonitor (a sysinternals app now owned by Microsoft) and trace the HDD activity in real-time while installing (to verify the file is actually missing). Sometimes with ProcMon running you wont encounter the problem, otherwise you can check the ProcMon log and see if the file is actually missing. My gut feeling is slow network, HDD, permissions or something like that which made the EXE file unavailable to the installer.