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    One of the things I really like about LD2000 Showtime is the ability to create MIDI output events using standard recognizable MIDI commands such as note on/ off, program change, CC commands, etc. This makes it relatively easy to use the Pangolin software as the source for MIDI commands for other external software and hardware packages.

    I realize PangoScript supports MIDI output, but having to know and/or decipher MIDI hex commands, instead of the recognizable note, program, and CC commands makes, makes it a very difficult feature to use for non-programmers, IMHO.

    Any chance future iterations of Beyond will address MIDI output with conventional MIDI nomenclature, instead of hving to know hex code to use the feature?


  2. ENOT

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    Hi Randy,

    Yes, no doubt it must be done better than now. As soon as time will allow, we will work on it. Thanks for pointing on.

    Best Regards,
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    Has anything been done with this?
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    How to enable midi out

    Hi Alexey,

    I'd like just to configure Beyond to send out a midi note when clicked a cue in the main grid. I loaded a APC40 template to have a mapping but I don' actally want to connect it, use a midi loop driver instead to send the output to another application.
    I configured midi and tried several options but with only partial effect. When I enable midi out using the settings as shown in the attached files I get some initial outputs in the midi monitor but and after clicking ONE cue , there's no further output.

    In "main grid midi surface settings" I tried options "Send on click" as well as "Send cell" which send an output for one time, but when I click "ok" it seems to not activate output (is that ony for testing while beeing in that menu ?)

    Furthermore in midi out monitor the notes are marked as "blocked", (what does it mean ?)

    What's wrong with my configuration ?

    Regards Peter

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  5. ENOT

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    Lets talk a bit about what exactly you need to do. Do you need MIDI out when click on any cell of the grid, or exact cell, or some cue. Should it be same note, or note with cue index? And, does it somehow related to fact of cue start or stop, or... just mouse down? or, is it mouse only, or press on the cell? Please think for a second and specify what exactly you should have. What version of BEYOND do you use?

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    Hi Alexey, sorry for my late reply.

    well I just want to synchronize start and stop of a certain queue with a function of another software, (for example start/stop a video clip or composition in Resolume 5, when starting or stopping a certain queue in Beyond )

    If a mouse click detection has to be used or another mechanism to trigger the midi note output when starting/stopping the queue doesn't matter for me.
    Furthermore If the queue has to be addresed by a cell grid index or a queue label or what ever doesn't matter as well.
    Maybe addressing by label would be more general since a queue can be moved to another cell.

    My Beyond version is 2.1 Ultimate Build 834

    Does this answer your question ?

    Best Regards

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    Hi Peter,

    The simplest method is in Cue Properties dialog there is a panel for cue start stop and cue stop script. If happen exactly when you start or stop the cue (it is not same as click). And, it is cue properties, it independent from cue place in the grid. Hopefully it will work for you.

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    Hi Alexey,
    does ist mean I have to make a script for each queue for sending a midi note for start/ stop event ?
    If so, what is the code to send a midi note ?
    Or did I misunderstand something ?


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