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    I am new to using lasers and Pangolin (I work as a lighting designer and programmer), but i will be using a few lasers for my next few shows.

    A few quick questions:

    1. What is the maximum length of a ILDA cable? 300metres? is there a way to boost the signal?

    2. I will be using 2 QM2000 PRO with a laptop running the show. The QM2000s and laptop will be connected via CAT 5 cables into a network hub.

    Is there a way that I can create a network session where I have 2 laptops both running the same show? The idea is to have a backup console in case of a failure. If it helps, I am thinking of a similar concept that is used in the grandMA lighting system.

    Michael Chan
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    I dont know the max length of the ILDA cable I always use a short cable and have the network cable as the long one positioning the board close to the laser (although this network cable needs to be boosted bt a switch every 70 meters or so or it looses the QM boards).
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    Why not use 2 switches/hubs, 1 on stage, 1 with your laptop(s).
    Then you don't need such long ilda cables, just longer Ethernet cables.

    Yes and no, yes you can attach more than 1 laptop at the same time.
    Yes you can run on both on the same time ld2000 software.
    I don't know if this is depended on the level of ld2000 you use. With my ld2000 pro this works.

    To use a pc as an hot spare as you describe; you can always attach more laptops to the network with the same software.

    But to start the software on both machines, i think that would not be wise. You have to set projection zones, palettes and such on every pc.
    Also, if you just jump pc's without setting all of the above settings, you could create a unsafe situation.
    Something you don't want of course..
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    thanks for the prompt replies.

    I am asking about the ILDA cables because i wld like to know more about them, and at the same time see what my different options are.

    As Cyberb0b said, what I wld like is to have a "hot square" - a second laptop that can take over the show instantaneously should the first one fails.

    I think the above statement has clarified why I want to run two laptops, I want to have redundancy for the show controllers as it's a rather important series of concerts that will be going on tour.

    I understand that I will have to make sure both laptops will need to have the exact same projection zones settings for safety reasons. I think this can be easily done and checked before the show, it will be pointless to have the second laptop if the projection zones is not the same anyway.

    I am sorry, but I still don't quite understand how I can create a "hot square"? I will try out the set-up before the show, but if someone could explain how and what I will need to do to do this, it will be great.

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    Hot spare i mean :)
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    Are you familiar with the FB3?
    As a lighting designer it might be easier for you

    I run 200 meters of Ilda
    But sometimes even 50 meters can be too much

    1 you get lower signals because of the length – (redoing your settings can help – color shift, color pallet)
    2 in case your Ilda cable is running along with othe cables – dimmers and such – you get interference
    I set up my laser with one computer and save the show
    Than I do the same with my other computer and save the show again
    If one computer crashes all you have to do is to take the cat5 from computer 1 to computer 2
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    Hot Spare of coz... haha.

    Well, i am going to use a lighting console to trigger the show in pangolin. So i guess i cld have a extra laptop standing by.