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    Please tell me how to update the software? Version 2.1 , when you run the update requests

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    all the news about Beyond3 ...
    .... so curious ...
    .... but no downloads :(
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    Sorry ...

    Haven't read this.
    Then I can stop looking up the downloads-section every hour %)
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    Yes, there was a real lesson here for us.

    If you re-read the email that we sent out (reading literally every single word, to the very end), you will see that we did properly explain that 3.0 was not going to be released right away -- but that it was going to be shown at the tradeshow, and then released afterward.

    This detail (released afterward) was at the very bottom of the email that we sent out. But apparently everyone was so excited by the first few words of the email, they never bothered to read all the way to the bottom of the email.

    In future emails, we will be more clear, and put these important details closer to the top.

    Nevertheless, we initially planned on releasing the 3.0 versions shortly after the tradeshow (where we are showing the most important features of these). HOWEVER, we are in the midst of adding even more and cooler features to 3.0, and so it might be a bit longer.

    Nevertheless, 2.8 is on the web now and is certainly worth downloading if you haven't already done so...

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    2.8 not found


    from the Software-Updates-Section under 'Beyond' i only come to this site:
    But Here I can't find the 2.8 - Where do I have to look?