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    Hi guys ! I was wandering If someone can answer this question for me . There is options to consider and need advise from someone who has gone down this road and have experimented with this .

    Is it ok to run a long USB extension then the FB3 with a short Ilda (DB-25) cable ? or is it best to run a short USB then FB3 and a long ILDA cable ( DB-25 ) .

    Or Does it really matter ?

    Just looking for the most cost effective way to do this .
  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    The max length of a USB cable is not a lot. I run a short USB cable then long ILDA cables, daisy-changed if necessary to achieve the required run, I get good results over 60m.
  3. bosik

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    hi guys i work with net cable up to (100 M) its work good but i need 2 computer. netbook and standart PC .the PC stand on backstage and netbook on control stage . you just connect with pangolin network connection program.
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    We have clients that have good luck with the following device, we have tested and verified this and this one works.

    Pangolin has tested over 50 different kinds of USB extenders (no kidding), and none of them fully worked with Flashback3 series controllers, except for one.

    Note that this is not USB over IP, as some other solutions.

    The local and remote devices are connected by standard CAT5 or CAT6 cables, but there should be no ethernet switch in between. They use their own proprietary protocol, so you need to use it peer to peer. The remote device supports maximum 4 devices, and the the original adapter is strong enough to power 4 Flashbacks.

    There are 3 similar devices from this company (single, dual and quad port versions), and they should all work equally well, but we only tested the quad port version.

    Startech USB2004EXT2

    The cheaper devices from this company do not work!


    PS.. Normal USB cables should not be longer than 5 Meters / 16 feet
    ILDA cables can be much longer, but they are heavy and after a certain length you will start loosing signal.
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    thanks Bosik , Smokeandmirrors and Bob@Pangolin . I really appreciate your experienced advice . Helps me tremendously . I'm sure this also helped many others as well .Thank you .