question from a new user of quickshow !

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    laser safety settings in quickshow

    Hi everyone! I'm new
    Pangolin quickshow user from Ukraine ... and this is my first post, sorry for my english .. I google translate helps in the region and in the whole country, not many users of the programs, and people in the field of laser shows in general
    we have laser shows are out of first place in the show .. in the main fireworks and pyrotechnics show ground with the music ... the examples which you can see on our website here lit such as laser show theme ... and fast moving in the direction of the laser show .. the first time I fell in love with technology and rapidly advancing in this direction ...

    just 2 days I made an initial show on the theme of love .. uploaded to the site work and she is waiting for validation ...

    as a novice I have a question ...

    where in the program are located quickshow settings related to security and ... that is possible to specify in the program the secure areas ? where information can be found? is there some sort of help in this matter ...
    Thank you in advance for your answers, pleased to be surrounded by people with the same interests!
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    wow 26 views and nothing to say :(
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    Personally, I didn't understand what a "secure area" is. Somewhere that is in the projection zone but can't be scanned? Or am I completely wrong?
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    Thank you for your reply. maybe I'm not exactly put it ... just google helps me...

    yes it is :) the projection zone but can't be scanned ....and i was referring to the security settings scan people, for example at the right time to make the beam intensity at, etc. or deny coverage of all that is below 2 meters .. something in that regard ...
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    settings - projection zones - Attenuation Map
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    ok :) thanks !!!