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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by meeble, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. meeble

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    I have been having a lot of fun digging into BEYOND's Abstract editor and assigning real time midi controllers to modulate various parameters within.

    1. I'm looking for a way to scrub the direction of movement of the abstract forward and backwards, almost like scratching in vinyl. any suggestions?

    2. It would be great to be able to assign a MIDI/DMX/Channel to the "Points" parameter and the "Beam mode" parameter for real-time control.

  2. ENOT

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    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for good questions. About what abstract you talk about? BEYOND has 3 different abstract editors/objects. To move Shape and LP Abstract is one story, both are function of time. To move LD2000 absract like a vinyl is not a trivial task, same as other similar objects that based on "state".

    In general, if you want to move the Shape like a vinyl, then you need to move the time. I am thinking about a few days, indeed interesting theme. For live mode is seems possible to add. For timeline mode, well, it will require completelly different solution. The question - how to you want to emulate the vinyl motion?

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