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    I recently made a career switch from commercial software development to starting my own business providing laser display shows for myself (I'm also a musician) and clients (musicians and anyone else who desires a show). I'm starting on a small scale, just a single X-Laser Mobile Beat Max unit along with your Quickshow XL software. So pardon my ignorance on some things as this is a whole new world to me!

    Even though I only have one unit, I have a lot of ideas for doing some creative and interesting things with it. However, I also don't want to do anything unsafe or run afoul of any regulations, so I wanted to bounce one of my ideas off of you (no pun intended). Also, I realize that your aren't attorneys and wouldn't be providing legal advice, nor am I asking you for such. This is more along the lines of industry practice and general safety.

    I probably wouldn't do this for anything other than my own solo performances, because at least I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be in tune with what's going where and when. With your software's notions of zones and beam attenuation maps, I got to wondering if I could use one laser to do both stage projection AND fire out over the audience like normal. It may not even be physically possible due to angle limitations from the projector itself, but from a safety perspective, it seems that projection onto the stage itself near, or even at, performers is sort of a gray area.

    What I'm thinking of doing would be projecting beams downward, but in front of me (and with my back always to the unit), but far enough back from the front of the stage so that audience members would not be struck. Beams moving across the stage laterally alternating with beams, such as liquid skys, above the audience's heads.

    Have you heard of anything like this being done? Particularly in the US, where I live. Either way, do you know of any resources on this sort of thing or people that I might be able to contact for additional advice?

    I am also aware of your PASS and Safety Scan Lens systems. Are these separate solutions? Also, can either (or both) of these be integrated into my Mobile Beat Max? If so, I presume that I would need to "upgrade" my variance to include audience scanning as well.

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, but any information or suggestions would be most appreciated!


    Ted Biggs