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  1. Mike

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    A couple of questions regarding Beyond:

    Will Beyond support the Lasershow Performer console?
    How does Beyond connect to LightConverse?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Mike

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    Another question:

    Do we still have the DMX in/out function on the QM2000 card?


    FLECOM New Member

    the DMX in the QM is not supported in beyond at the moment, not sure if they are planning on adding it... but the Enttec box is supported
  4. LaserJ

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    I really hope they do support it one day. Wasn't supported in LD and Showtime but it worked with Live Pro has never worked with dmx

    Would be a great advantage to have foggers, or other remote effects controlled of from a .net card instead of running more dmx cable everywhere.
  5. aricha

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    You can create a DMX frame in LD
    Put it on your time line in ST and it will send DMX to all your QMs locals and QMNet
    As part of LD2000 version 4.50, some users may have discovered a small utility program called QMX_24. This is a small add-on utility program, which is an easy-to-use DMX console. For version 5.0, this program has been improved. It can be used either as a stand-alone DMX console (or DMX monitor, allowing you to watch an incoming DMX stream) or it can be used alongside any of the other programs within the LD2000 software suite.
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    For when a Beyond QuickShow or Spanish?