Quick Show - Any way to get the 3d preview on user created files

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    Hi Bill,

    Is there any way to get / preserve the 3d preview of beams when viewing user created files?

    In case your wondering, exactly what I mean, if you create a beam effect yourself using the editor or create a new cue by merging others then you don't get the 3D beam preview in the playback window.

    As I know you like pictures:

    1. The 2 Cues playing back together using the Multi Image button in the standard workspace (preview window photoshopped next to the selected cues):


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    2. The same 2 Cues merged into a new cue:


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    Exactly the same but the 3D preview is lost.

    User created files also don't seem to 3D preview.

    Workspace pics edited so as not to give the new features away.:D
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    Ok, answered my own question.

    For reference for everyone, its all down to the Projection Zones.

    When you create an effect by default it goes to Zone 1 Main. You need to right click over the cue and select properties. The untick this and tick Zone 8 Atmospherics instead (if you don't untick zone 1 you end up with a tick in both boxes and it still doesn't work with the 3d preview!).

    Tick Zone 8 alone and the effect previews in 3D.