Quickshow 4.0 no longer running on my windows tablet

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by pudpoh, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. pudpoh

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    For years I have used a Linx 10 Windows tablet to run 1 projector along with an FB3 and Quickshow. It always worked fine with previous versions of the software even though it warned of my machine having a low spec. Yes it's a quad core Atom processor with 2gb of ram clocked at 1.3ghz.

    On being forced to upgrade to Quickshow 4.0 it installs and then flashes my FB3 with the latest firmware which then tells me I can no longer use an older version of the software, fair enough. The program then exits telling me my machine doesn't meet minimum requirements of a dual core processor with 2gb of ram. This machine has a quad core processor with 2gb of ram??? So I try installing it on a lower spec dual core pentium with 4gb of ram and it runs just fine, no warnings.

    An Atom processor may be low end, but the later ones are more powerful than the older dual core Pentiums, previous versions of Quickshow ran just fine on these Linx 10 tablets with 1 FB3, rather than just exit yes warn the user of a low spec and that it may not run at its best, but don't just exit and stop even trying, you are forcing me to upgrade something that I don't feel I should need to. The problem is I can't go back to an older version as the firmware is flashed in the FB3 now. Any chance of changing this behaviours in Quickshow and at least letting it run at the users risk?
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    Did you already try to right-click on the QuickShow installer, place it in 32 bit compatibility mode, and checked if the 32 bit version works for you?
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    The tablet is running 32 bit windows 10, so I don't have that option, it definitely does install a 32 bit version of the software. When you run it after selecting your region I get this message "Quickshow is an advanced, high-performance software package that requires a PC with relatively high performance. Minimum system requirements are a PC with dual-core processor and at least 2GB of memory. please increase the memory in your PC or otherwise change to another PC with higher performance. Quickshow will exit now."and it exits.

    Although you have given me an idea to try, if I can get the 32 bit version to install on a more powerful machine and past the cpu and ram check I may be able to copy the qs directory back to this machine and it then may run, certainly worth a shot.
  4. ENOT

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    The problem of "own risk" - in the most cases it comes back. One of recent examples is a client who used 8 years old, pretty limited PC to run a festival with decent number of FB4s. The support thread took us a few weeks. and we found that client used old computer only in a week after the start of the support. So, the lack of basic check turns against us too.

    I will tell you how to block PC spec check. However, it will be on your own risk :)
  5. pudpoh

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    Nope no dice, unless you know a registry entry that will tell it that it has checked the ram and CPU their appears to be no way to run this on my tablet anymore.

    I'm disappointed with this as it used to run very nicely on this machine, a warning about machine specs is fine but making it exit and not run in my opinion isn't the fairest thing to do. I only ever run 1 projector and this machine is quite capable of performing the calculations required to do this.
  6. pudpoh

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    I understand totally where you are coming from with that and I'm fully aware this is a lower spec machine, I'm happy to bypass the check at my own risk. It has always worked just fine with one FB3.
  7. pudpoh

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    Thank you for the help, now running great, brilliant.
  8. ThomasF

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    I’m strugling with the same problem. Could you please tell me how to proceed to install the new version of QS.

    Furthermore, I do have the old version still installed and it is not possible to start this old version anymore. It tells me that I have to update. The fb3 is not flashes yet. This is an unacceptable risk for an event we’re I will use my computer with the same setup!