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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Pauluzzz, May 11, 2021.

  1. Pauluzzz

    Pauluzzz Member

    Downloaded the latest the greatest, it installed without any problem.

    I started to play around with it, and I must say I am a bit disappointed for such a release update (5.0). From the mail and the announcements there seems to be a lot of work to have been done under the hood, but the only visible thing I have found is just the content, which could have been provided through the Cloud feature. None of the Quick...X... tools seem to have undergone any changes, my favorite "QuickTimeline" for example is exactly as it was. Am I missing something ...? What are your thoughts?
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  2. Bob Moore

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    Firstly - is it buggy or is it my Windows 10 laptop causing problems? The original content HAPPY BIRTHDAY under TEXT AND CLOCKS has large round 'blobs' over the text. A full delete, new download and new install produced the same results. On the timeline, unless I load (my own) show fresh and start from the beginning, the laser cues go out of sync with the MP3 or WAV file. The travelling cursor gets to the end of the audio track before the actual audio one is listening to does! And where is the shortcut to 'GO TO START' for the timeline? I haven't found it yet, but surely there must be such a thing. Has Pangolin ever looked at audio music editors (such as Cubase, perhaps)? As another post on this forum (by Pangolin) here suggests, Quickshow was designed for cheap people who buy cheap lasers, I guess as a punishment. But Beyond, pricewise, is just that - Beyond. For a serious, but occasional, user, Beyond is far too expensive to consider, especially as the major risk is that it is just Quickshow with lots of 'bells and whistles' that I would never use anyway. This feeling is also reflected in my hardware buying plans.
  3. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Beta Tester

    Hi, Bob!
    In order to remove "large round 'blobs' over the text", you need to go to text editing and change the font.
    In the next editions, we will fix this.

    I will also pass on your request for the "GO TO START' for the timeline" button to our developers.

    Regarding the " go out of sync with the MP3 or WAV file", I will ask you to record a video, as I was unable to reproduce this problem