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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by pudpoh, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Hi this is my first post here. I'm about to bite the bullet & purchase Quickshow to control my rgb ilda laser but have a slight concern about my computer spec that I take on gigs with me. From reading the computer hardware requirements it states Quickshow requires a dual core cpu. The computer I'm hoping to run this on is an Asus EeePC with single core processor running at 900mhz it currently has 1gig of RAM which I plan to upgrade to 2gig. I was hoping someone here may have some experience of running Quickshow on a lower spec machine & whether they could advise me as to whether it will run satisfactorily or not on my EeePC. I'm only planning on running the 1 projector with 20k scanners & won't be doing anything really complicated with it.

    Many thanks

  2. Cyberb0b

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    Have you tried the demo version of quick show running on the pc?
    This will show you if the graphics card thats in there will do the Job.
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    I'm waiting for a license file to be sent to me so I can try running the demo version.
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    I know quick how does not require that heavy hardware. This is for a part determined by how many lasers you want to control with your pc.

    The more lasers, the more cpu power.

    Even if the software determines that you don't have the correct graphics card, it could very well be that your machine will still suffice.

    If you get an warning. Ignore it by pressing okay, then send output to demo projector 1. In the lower right corner you can see how many frames it sends per second. This value should be green (green box around it). Some frames are by default heavy (and can go orange or red), but if you take for example a line or a graphic animation, it should stay green.

    You will understand what i mean when you see the gui of the application. It speaks for it self. And you can always watch the included video to get much more out of the application.
  5. pudpoh

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    Thanks for the replies, got my demo license earlier today and have had a good play on my netbook with it, think I will be ok with the one projector, cpu usage is at around 70% with more complex scenes. I've placed my order so will see how it performs when I get it and post back.

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    Hi just wanted to update you guys here and let you know that Quickshow runs and performs just fine on an Asus EeePC 900 with 1 projector. Really pleased with it, just need to figure out how to tune the scanners a bit better in my cheap chinese laser, lol.