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  1. RobG

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    Hi. I have just acquired a ClubMax 3000 Kvant laser with the external FB4 arttachment.

    1. I use Virtual LJ a lot now using an FB3 interface. I want to use DMX to control the laser. However, it appears that the DMX mapping does not support a channel to control Virtual LJ. I was thinking I would control what I could with DMX and then just trigger non-DMX supported functions with Quickshow. However, I see that the FB4 only allow you to select either DMX or QuickShow so I can't send signals to the laser from both DMX and the software itself it appears. Can anyone tell me how to resolve or circumvent this problem. I really don't want to stop using Virtual LJ but if there's no way to trigger it and still use DMX I may have to go that route for skip using DMX. I know I could simulate the function using DMX but it would be an awful lot of scenes and collections/sequences to do that. Any other ideas?

    2. On the DMX mapping, channel one is called "Access". I am not sure what that means (Blackout, 4 channels, 8 channels, etc). Can someone explain what the first DMX channel is actually controlling?

    3. Apparently you can't map all of the pages you have on QuickShow? At 16 addresses each there is only enough mapping for 16 pages. I already have 28 pages of cues. What am I missing here?

    4. Same with cues. There are not enough DMX values to even represent all the cues on a 6x10 page.

    Either I am missing something here or the DMX implementation of QuickShow is very shallow. Does BEYOND offer more DMX implementation than QuickShow?

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  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Do you want to control the Internal FB4 controller or are you trying to control QuickShow it self?
  3. RobG

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    I want to control QuickShow. I don't have any graphics uploaded into the FB4.
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    You are correct.

    This is the amount of channels being used by the fixture.

    So if channel 1 is set between DMX value 33-95, the fixture will respond to only the first 4 DMX channels.
    If channel one is set between 97-159 the fixture will respond on the first 8 DMX channels..
    161-223 - the fixture will respond to 12 channels
    225-255 will respond to 16 channels.

    You are correct here. There is a limit on the amount of cues and pages available in the 16 channel modus.

    BEYOND offers much more DMX/Art-net flexibility, You might want to check out this document : https://pangolin.com/_Files/BEYOND-DMX-SERVER-MAPPING-16-32-50.pdf
    There it shows a 16, 32 and 50 channel fixture layout which is based on zones. So every zone can use up till 50 channels and there is even a possibility to map your own commands to a dmx channel.
    So mapping this to VLJ is possible in BEYOND.