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    Hi I live in the Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire,England.
    There is lots of DJs about working with very basic equipment some charging only £40,I want to do gigs at partys and medium venues 2 to 3 hundred or less people.I want a good laser light show to set me apart from the rest.So far I have Quickshow + 1 x KAM LASERSCAN 1000RGB to learn on.
    What I would like you to imagine is if you wanted to work with Quickshow and that is all you had bought,what laser/lasers would you buy with a budget of £5000.
    Making my own is out of the question.
    Thanks in advance-@
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    Big thanks aricha,we have spoken to Clive who is only 2 hours from us and we have sorted some thing out,we are going to spend a few hours with him probaly next weekend as he is bizzy untill midweek.
    Charlie and Dad