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    Im pretty new in the software but i was wondering what im doing wrong.

    I have a BCF2000 midi controller with motorized faders. What i want to do is place fader to the color fader in quickshow. from bcf to quickshow works perfect and is working, only when i change the color in quickshow there is no midi going back to the bcf 2000 to change the fader. i've selected the outgoing mode to bcf2000 in my midi config.

    Does someone know what im doing wrong? i really like the 2 way talking;)

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    Dear Spikie,

    Feedback through MIDI sounds really simple, but it's really much more complicated to make happen in software. We do support Feedback (even really complex scenarios) in BEYOND but not QuickShow.

    Please contact us directly by email as we'd like to also learn about how you use QuickShow. It could very well be that you are pushing the boundaries of QuickShow and thus, might be a good time to take a look at BEYOND.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    haha, i always like to get past the limit line;) where you want me to email? ;) at the moment im pretty happy cause most of it works, only when i use the rotary encoders it cant be "reset" the X Y and Z rotary's in quickshow so quickshow will always trying to keep going while i want it to be stop:)
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    i will do that tonight then ( europe +1 time;) ) by the way i've got nearly what i really wanted but i need to do some more research on midi controller.
    most of it works then and i dont see why i should get the higher version. except the awesome stuff in it. but the price is for me as 1 person to high as what i read on the website