Quickshow missing QuickFX?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by infredible, Aug 2, 2010.

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    V 1.0 build 128
    I was watching the 6 minutes Quickshow introduction video and around 5:30 the user shows some of the quickFX. After opening mine I find out that some the one shown in the video (swirl, sphere, random, etc) are missing from mine. Also I can't find the "falling" letter text effect. Any way to get or create these interesting effects, I couldn't find any to load from the installation?


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    This is true, I have wondered about this myself, it seems its a different more advanced workspace, anyway to get a hold of it?
  3. smokeAndMirrors

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    This is actually a feature. When you first start QS, you get a dialog asking if you want beginner / intermediate / advanced mode. QuickFX is hidden in beginner, so you need to go to the Settings menu, choose User Interface Access Mode / Setup User Interface. Select the QuickTools tab, and tick the boxes you need. Voila!
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    Smoke and Mirrors is partially correct. QuickShow will sense how smart you are, and only offer features which it believes you can handle. It can get a sense of how smart you are by the initial question it asks (are you a Beginner, Intermediate user, or Advanced user). If you tell QuickShow that you are a beginner, then don't be surprised if it treats you like a beginner :D.

    However, your particular question relates to features that are not in the workspace that we ship with version 1.0 build 128.

    Pangolin will be releasing QuickShow version 2.0 later this week. It has a brand new workspace with actually more than you see in that video. The BETA is already available and if you contact us privately, we will give you a download link.

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    William Benner