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    I am a total newbie to Quickshow.
    I have loaded Quickshow onto my Laptop running Windows 7, 64 Bit and have connected to my laser with a 15 meter ILDA lead. I have installed the latest drivers for the FB3 interface module.
    My Laser is made by Pro Laser UK, 2000mw, RGB, 20Kpps, TTL and all the DIP switches are down.

    In the Quickshow Quick Setup menu I have selected

    Medium performance
    Three laser (RGB) projector
    TTL colour system

    If I select an animal this appears in the top right corner box.
    I then enable laser output which causes the red led on the FB3 to flicker.

    Now the problem.
    The laser beam is flickering and changing colour, however the mirrors are not moving so there is no image. Its probably me doing something silly. Any ideas what could be wrong.
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    I just replied to your email an hour or so ago but I will summarize my reply here for others to see:

    Is there anyway you could make a short video to post on YouTube? I might be able get a better grasp on what you are seeing. From your description it
    sounds like you are not getting any signal to your scanners. The cause
    could be one of a few things.

    1: Your scanners are not hooked up correctly in your projector; be it power
    to your scanner amps, the signal cables are not hooked up from the scanner
    amps to the scanners or to the ILDA connector on your projector.

    2: Your ILDA cable or ILDA connector on your projector might have an issue;
    I have talked a client through an issue where the X+ pin on a projector's
    ILDA connector was bent at a 90 degree angle in the connector that was
    causing there to be no X signal sent to the scanners. It took an hour on
    the phone to find that one... :)

    3: The FB3 might have an output issue. In my experience this would be the
    least likely as the units are tested fairly well before shipping but it is always a possibility with electrical devices.

    To isolate the issue it would be easiest if you have access to an
    Oscilloscope to see if you are getting output from the FB3 or access to
    another laser projector or FB3 controller so you could swap out each to see
    what component the problem moves with. Otherwise if you feel comfortable
    opening your projector you can try to trace out the scanner connections to
    see if anything is disconnected or connected wrong. I suggest these tests
    before sending the unit in for investigation to save you time and possible
    shipping costs incase the issue is not with the FB3 hardware.

    If you do find sending the FB3 in is what is needed, or if you want to have
    it looked at first, please visit out hardware return web page for
    instructions and to complete the hardware return form found here: