Quickshow with Kam Laserscan 1000 3d

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by haverer, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. haverer

    haverer New Member

    Hi I was wondering if anyone used Quickshow with the Kam Laserscan 1000 3D? I currently use the laser with iShow II but a lot of the graphics are not great and I am nervous that if I purchase Quickshow I will have the same problem.

    Just wondering if I need a better laser or if it is just iShow that is poor?
  2. PhilippWetter

    PhilippWetter New Member

    ishow is an absolute trash! , QS is nothing to be compared to ishow
    Its just the best bang for buck out there regarding what you get for your money
    and the service is nothing but first class you get with Pango ;)
  3. albarst

    albarst Member

    Hi ive just bought quick show for my laserscan 1000 3d , it works great , my only problem is i am having problems setting it up perfectly and im not sure if the laserscan 1000 3d is a 20k or 30k scanner can any one help with this
  4. WolfMax

    WolfMax Member

    Simple way to check, download the ILDA test pattern (not the one with the big outer square). Display it and go to the settings menu for the projector. Adjust the size of the image so the outer square is around 14 cm both X and Y at 2m from the laser (this is approx. 8 degrees display angle). switch to the scan rate menu and move the rate slider till the circle is just touching the inside of the inner square. You should now be able see what speed your scanners are tuned to.
  5. albarst

    albarst Member

    Many Thanks ill give that a go:)