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    may I ask for support .. I want to project logo (I imported by quicktrace ) but it flickers ... however i have only 730 frame points ...while I see that original library Logos have more than 1180 points and do not flicker can you help me to tell me what I am doing wrong ....thanks in advance
    Best regards Erwin
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    Dear Erwin,

    You raise an excellent point in your simple question. I wish the answer was so simple...

    To put this as briefly and concisely as I can, the number of points that you are seeing in your particular image might be better called "corners", whereas some of the stock images you see have points that might be better called "data samples". (Unfortunately the word "points" is used to convey both concepts, and this is done for legacy reasons.)

    For example, your image might have a straight line with only two points, whereas certain library images might have a straight line with 20 or 30 "points". The difference is that the older library images, the points are actual data samples that are fed to the scanners, but in more modern drawings (and probably your image), the data points merely represent angles at which the scanners must turn about.

    This means that your image might be expanded to have 3000 "samples" which are fed to the scanners. Your original "data points" are not used directly.

    To understand the actual number of data samples being sent to the scanners, you can click on your image and then look at the FPS indicator in the lower right. That will tell you how many frames per second the scanner will be scanning. If you right-click on that area, you will find that you are able to change this to show you the number of actual data samples being sent to the scanners instead.

    If QuickShow is set for 30,000 samples per second, and your image has 3000 points (being sent to the scanner), then this is only 10 frames per second, which will most definitely flicker.

    The solution is to a) get faster scanners; or more likely b) try to simplify the image. You can simplify the image by deleting lines that are not absolutely necessary to convey the visual, using the built-in editor.

    Best regards,

    William Benner