Re-synching audio tracks in Showtime 2000 ?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Stuka, Dec 9, 2008.

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    I have been trying to add the audio tracks to some of the extra shows that are included with the LD2000 system but don't come with the audio files. I frequently run into a situation where the audio and show files don't quite match up, and in some cases are off by several seconds, even when using the specific recommended audio tracks.

    I am just starting to learn Showtime, so I was wondering if anyone could offer some tips on how to adjust either the audio or frame tracks to attempt to get the audio and show back in sync.

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    Hi Randy,

    The shows that come with our system are generally intended to be played with certain music. In the same folder with the show files, you will find a text file that tells you what piece of music to use, along with the various identifiers for the music (something like an ISBN and Track number, and other publishing related information).

    Note that some of the shows were created with "custom music". Shows from AVI are notorious for this, as then generally take a 4 minute average song length and cut verses out of it to reduce it to 3 or 2 minutes. Within the text file for each show, it discusses which shows use "custom music" and sometimes even discusses how to make the music edits yourself.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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