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  1. JLLaser

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    I am testing all my FB3s on QS. And some times red led not turning on or sometimes red led is dimm. I am Using 389...:eek::eek:
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    LED light codes
    The front LED next to the USB connector indicates the current function the FB3-QS is executing:
    •Solid Green -Powered (connected to USB but no connection to QuickShow)
    •Solid Yellow -Connected (to the Quickshow or other software), but offline
    •Red Slow Flash -Online, but output inactive (dummy stream, no cue active)
    •Red Fast Flash -Online and output active (at least one cue active)
    •Yellow Slow Flash -Online but output disabled (either invalid license, or some other fault)
    •Solid White -Firmware update in progress

    Test each unit sepearately and make sure conent is being routed to the zone the unit is set to.
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    i had this happen to a friend of mine he changed his ILDA cable and it worked