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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by thesmooth, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. thesmooth

    thesmooth Member

    is there a way to adjust the shape of a beam? the red is more of a rectangle than dot looks great in atmospheric but awful in graphics .
  2. neutrino

    neutrino Well-Known Member

    you'll have to use some sort of optical correction. Doable but not always straight forward. How much space do you have inside the projector?
  3. thesmooth

    thesmooth Member

    space inside

    i can get to the lasers , they are in a 123 configuration with a tinted lense at a 45in front of them that reflects the light to the scanners, i don't know if i should start with the laser or the lense at the 45,, i know the beam can be affected by an adjustment on the front of the laser itself by turning it left or right ,the beam is not round it is more of a rectangle than a dot, again thanks for the help Neutrino
  4. neutrino

    neutrino Well-Known Member

    You will need enough room between the lens of the laser and the dichroic 'mirror' to place either a set of cylindrical lenses or a pair of anamorphic prisms.
    I suggest heading over to and searching through the forums there as there is plenty of information and photos regarding this process. Also a lot of folks a lot more knowledgable than me too - it is a great community.



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