Replace effect in all selected events


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What should I do if, for example, I wrote a 20 second segment of a show in which 30 events are linked through a cue sheet. And now I need to change the effect to another in 15 of them.. I don’t want to drag the effect 15 times from the effects sheet to the timeline.. INTO EVERY event. Is there a way to make this easier?

Well, so as not to create a bunch of topics... Why is there a step back function, but not a step forward? I'm talking about the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Z... I really miss this when working with a timeline. Blender also has a very interesting feature with Ctrl+Z. If, for example, I selected 20 objects by clicking on each with the mouse, and then accidentally reset the selection or selected an unnecessary object, then by pressing Ctrl+z I will go back a step and the same objects will be selected that were selected a step back. It’s very annoying when you pick out the necessary events from the timeline and accidentally deselect them... so much time and nerves are wasted.. This is a cry from the heart, maybe the guys from the development department will hear me and someday introduce something that will help someone in the future avoid this pain :D

Video accompaniment at the link below.

I returned the beyond label to its place... from love to hate, of course, there is one step, but I can’t live without your wonderful program. The video is for informational purposes only with a small pinch of humor, do not take it to heart.
with love <3