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    Im creating a custom Midi Map on my APC 40 and mapped the first two faders to master global speed and master cue metro shift. I want to map the buttons directly above the faders to reset each of those master controls. How do I accomplish this with Pangoscript? Not too well versed in the scripting world yet. Thanks!
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    In such cases I recommend to open Object Tree window, and find corresponding object. In our case - Master. The Object tree will show properties of objects. As example Master.Brightness and so on. You can always see the value by means of PangoScript command DisplayPopup or DisplayPreview. You may need to see current (or default) value. And finally, the script for reset might be like this:

    Master.Brightness = 100

    You just assign a value to object property.

    Second general advice. Configuration dialog has Preview tab. This tab has checkbox Display Commands. You will see all internal commands initiated by UI in preview panel. This is simple way to find command name. You move the slider and see command in Preview panel. After that, you can use this command in your script.

    I hope it helps.