Reversing the horizontal plane

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    Two quick questions that would help me…If I reverse pins 1 and 14 am I correct in thinking that the horizontal plane will be reversed, so on two linked projectors via an ILDA cable if one scans right the other will scan left? Secondly as there seems a few discussions when using QS with multiple projectors, using my left and right projector in the above method and by using a second FB3 is it Ok to put the two linked projectors on one timeline and the third on a second timeline. I have not played with zones yet but I am assuming that is how it is done, sorry if this is a simple question as I am a DMX guy and new to ILDA.

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    reversing pins 1 & 14 will do the job
    you can put a 6 leg switch with the signal in going to the center legs
    one side will send the signal the right way and the other side will reverse the signal

    you can right click on the track (on the left where it says track 1)
    properties and send it to any zone
    in the main menu settings-projection zones you send any zone to any scanner
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    Thanks for the reply, I will make a stub cable that I can put inline to make the reversal and order the second FB3.