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Discussion in 'Networking' started by aly, Jun 26, 2006.

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    by my informations Bill is allredy testing this new stan-dalone networking board. So things are getting serious :cool: (at last...)

    My proposal is - if you guys will someday make a (19" or similar) case for QM and networking card - beside standard 8-pin RJ connector put also a much more robust connector in paralell with RJ.

    For me, DMX-like, 4- or 5-pins XLR connector would be just fine.
    Because only 4 wires are used in 100TX network , XLR-4 would be great. But sometimes it is hard to get such "unstandard" connectors.
    To minimize a risk of mismatch with DMX, I would use XLR-5 Female on equipment (reverse of DMX signal flow).

    Right now I'm doing RJ to XLR-5 adapter cables, because everytime I work in open place, I have to use new connectors. RJ's are for one-time-use only.... :(

    Any ideas of other type of connectors?

    P.S. Pinout of such connector should be published (at a later stage) as a "Pangolin robust network connector ".

  2. johnfl68

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    Neutrik has a RJ-45 connector that is becoming very popular in the entertainment market.

    It is called the EtherCon
  3. aly

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    Yes, you are right. Specifically, my idea would <u>not</u> work with gigabit network.

    I am aware, that such connectors already exist (also IP68), but they are usualy hard to get. If I mention, that getting 5-pin XLR is a trouble - what about RJ-45 :confused:

    Original idea is, that designers of cases should be aware that network connecors are very low-quality.
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    You asked for suggestions for a "robust" pangolin network connector. I gave my opinion of what the industry considers a robust ethernet connector.

    You say that the RJ-45 is a one time use connector, I do not think that this is the case. I recently did a 3 city arena tour using Pangolin Networking with close to 600 meters (2000 feet) total of RJ-45 cables with couplers and switches. Only one cable was damaged, and it was severed in the middle accidentally at some point during the strike at one location. Considering the number of cables, I think this shows that the RJ-45 is pretty reliable.

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    After our first show using LD2000 network control, I threw out all of our RJ45 UTP cabling and replaced it with STP cable and XLR 5pin connectors. With a network hub at each control position we can now reliably achieve links of 150m.