Rotation in 3d .

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  1. bruce leonard

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    When I render a shape in Beyond 3d and render it to a que it plays back rotating in a loop with a pause in the animation loop instead of constantly rotating . I haven't figured out how to make it playback smooth .
  2. Martin

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    I have the exact same problem here.
  3. Pangolin

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    The answer lies in the "Animation editor". That's the timeline portion of BEYOND 3D. It can be accessed several ways, but the easiest would be to switch to the "Animating" view (right-most drop-down list box that has an orange background). Once you go to the timeline editor you click on the particular object that you rotated, then click on "rotation" and you will see the "waveforms". At the end of each waveform you will see a square block that represents the "key". Each of the keys assumes "spline" computations. There are many ways to adjust it, but there are three buttons at the top (Compute Spline Tangents, Compute Line Tangents, and Compute Flat Tangents). If you click "Compute line tangents" that would be one way to get what you want. Another way would be to grab the handle and adjust it the way you want.

    We will need to make a tutorial about this part of the program, but I can tell you that it works like virtually every other 3D program...

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